Giving Back

Supporting great causes all over Connecticut

Barron Financial Group is deeply dedicated to giving back to the communities where we live and work. We serve on boards of non-profit organizations, donate to local charities, and sponsor fundraising and educational events.

We have had the privilege of working with the following organizations:

  • The Little Guild Rescue Shelter – Sandra served as Treasurer on their Board of Directors, Jim has helped with consultation and Barron Financial Group has sponsored numerous events and fundraising activities
  • The Community Foundation of Northwest Connecticut – Jim serves as the Chairperson of their Investment Committee. Jim and Sandra have attended and/or organized a number of events related to the Foundation's "Critter Fund" and Barron Financial Group makes an annual Holiday contribution to their philanthropic fund.
  • The Community Foundation of Greater New Haven – Jim serves as a member the Foundation’s Investment Committee.
  • City of Torrington – Jim served as the Chairperson of the town's Economic Development Committee and as a Constable. He accepted an appointment to the City's Charter Review Committee in 2012.
  • Goshen Land Trust – Jim is a member of the Board of Directors and assists the Trust in its property management, governance, community outreach and fundraising efforts.
  • The Warner Theatre - Jim is a member of the Board of Directors and is Chair of the Governance Committee.  He assists the Theatre in its long-term strategy, governance, community outreach and fundraising efforts and for the past three years, Barron has been a major contributor to their annual Gala.
  • The Litchfield County University Club - Jim is a former member of the Litchfield County University Club, an organization dedicated to celebrating and advancing the interests of higher education.
  • UConn Athletics – An avid Husky fan, John is a member of the UConn Athletic Development Fund and will often volunteer his time at events and working with the UConn Foundation.
  • The Hundred Club of Connecticut – Having learned of a personal connection to The Hundred Club, John was honored to be recently accepted as a member to the Club.
  • Northwest Chamber of Commerce – A long-time member of the Chamber (10+ years) and previous corporate partner, Barron Financial is proud to support the local business community through Chamber activities.  John currently volunteers as a member of the Membership and Branding Committees.
  • Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce – John has been an active member of the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce for a number of years, and was recently added to their Board of Directors.
  • Waterbury Chamber of Commerce – John is presently very active with the Waterbury Chamber of Commerce as he sits on their Membership committee, Small Business Council, and in one of their Business Connection Groups.