Our Philosophy

Experience the Barron Difference


Our Mission

At Barron Financial Group, our passion is providing individuals and business owners intelligent and prudent financial advice, and the personalized wealth management solutions they need.  In our experience, a long-term strategy is the most prudent approach to planning and investing.  At Barron Financial Group we combine real-life financial planning with multiple, proprietary investment strategies to best fit client needs.  Our philosophy and focus is always on minimizing worry and helping clients successfully manage their wealth.


Our Client Philosophy

When it comes to working with clients, Barron takes the position that no two people (or organizations) are the same.  Because we feel that client/advisor relationships should always be an open conversation, we encourage our clients to ask questions and engage in conversations about their investments and long-range goals. Each client has their own story, short-term and long-term needs, and future aspirations.


Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy can best be described as “disciplined”.  At Barron, we believe that no investment strategy works all the time under all market circumstances.  But with a disciplined approach, it drives us to constantly analyze our asset allocations, market conditions, and take advantage of re-balancing opportunities.  Each of our investment solutions has their own process and analysis routine that allows us to review and refine how we manage your account.  It is our belief that this method of review and refine is the best way to make sure our clients get the best Barron can offer.

We start with an in-depth client discussion and evaluation focusing on two key areas.  The first is a review of our client’s time horizons and investment objectives to establish our client’s risk profile.  The second process is a review and discussion of our investment strategies.  Currently Barron utilizes four investment strategies with our clients: Capital Preservation, Strategic Allocation, Tactical Allocation, & Active Asset Allocation (AAA).  With four different strategies and multiple risk profiles, Barron offers our clients a wide variety of options to help clients zero-in on the strategy that best fits their needs.


Our Financial Planning Philosophy

From retirement planning to estate planning, we believe offering financial advice is a lifelong process that is best managed over time. While we have the capability to create a long-form financial plan, we prefer to analyze a specific area of financial stress and quickly implement appropriate solutions. Then move on to the next area of concern. We believe the process should be more about action today than trying to predict and resolve potential problems twenty years into the future. This is a consultative approach between financial planner and client that we feel is more cost-effective and manageable.


Transparency is important to the team at Barron Financial Group.  Find out more about the firm and our advisors on the SEC Investment Advisor Public Disclosure website.