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The biggest “thank you” a client can give us is a glowing review or sharing their experience with friends and family. Below are a few testimonials from current clients describing what it’s like to work with Barron Financial Group.

Ethical and Caring Demeanor Elicits Our Trust and Respect

"As a soon to be retired couple about to begin a new chapter in our lives, one of our immediate concerns was planning for our financial security in retirement. Although we had previously met with several financial advisors, we were not confident that we had found a good fit. After reading an article written by a Barron Financial Group advisor in a local newspaper, we decided to arrange to meet with him. He was courteous, engaging and explained everything thoroughly. We never felt uncomfortable asking questions or expressing an opinion. What really impressed us was the way he took the time to get a feeling for who we were and understand our goals for retirement. The personalized professional service and advice given to us, continues to be tailored specifically to suit our current situation and future needs. Barron’s ethical and caring demeanor elicits our trust and respect. We highly recommend their services!"
Gerri & George S.

Trustworthy, Patience, and Sensitivity

"Being newly divorced and knowing little to nothing about finance and investments, I needed a financial advisor I could trust and someone with patience and sensitivity. Barron Financial Group came highly recommended by my accountant and after my first meeting with Jim Thibault, managing partner, I very quickly understood why. My financial needs are variable and somewhat complex and Jim and his staff are very responsive and take the time necessary to assist me in making the most prudent decisions for my life circumstances. I've been working with Jim and his team since 2016 and couldn't imagine using any other Financial Advisor."
Louise O.

Knowledge, Expertise, and Readiness

"I have been a client of Barron Financial Group since August 8, 2011, and it has been a very positive experience to work with the entire staff. Their knowledge, expertise and readiness to address any concerns has resulted into a great relationship."
Janet R.

A Guided and Caring Approach

"In 2019 I was ready for a financial advisor to help guide me to retirement and I made the decision to trust Barron Financial.  From the beginning, my advisor took the time to listen, asked me questions to fully understand what I wanted my retirement to look like.  He answered all of my questions (sometimes the same question twice), explained the process, and took the fear out of the equation for me.  I am so impressed by his knowledge, industry savvy, and guided and caring approach, I could not be happier!  My portfolio is growing, and he will just call to check in and see how I am doing.  Who does that?  Barron Financial.  I highly recommend you have a conversation with Barron Financial Group and then you will see what I am talking about.  Thank you, I greatly appreciate all you do for me."
Donna E.

Meeting and Exceeding Our Expectations

"Just wanted to say how happy we are having the folks at Barron Financial Group as our Financial Advisor. We had talked to 3-4 other advisors before we met you, and we just didn't feel comfortable with any of them. After meeting you, we knew we had connected with the right person. You set us up with an investing strategy that is meeting and exceeding our expectations. Looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship!"
Rob & Margo M.

Time To Get Serious

"I am a 30+ year employee with a large aerospace company that has done well providing for your standard family (kids, house, cars etc.). As I approached 30 years with the company and having not paid a terrific amount of time maintaining my 401K due to lack of time and knowledge, I felt it was time to get serious. This is where Barron Financial Group comes into the picture. Our advisor not only had the knowledge of the attributes of personal financial management but also the patience to take the time to make sure we well understood our options as neither my wife nor I had had any previous experience with financial planning. Within a few months of our first discussions, we were shifted into a new investment portfolio that has taken our savings, and projected savings, to the next level. With this, my wife and I now have comfort that we are headed in the right direction for a comfortable retirement. I cannot be happier with the major decision we made to entrust John and his team with our decades of savings."
Russ & Jacqui H.

All testimonials were provided by Barron Financial Group Clients and have been published with their permission. No client was compensated in any way for the testimonial. These statements may not be representative of other customers and are not guarantees of future performance or success.

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