Spring 2016 Market Quarterly

Welcome Spring!

After an unseasonably warm and mild winter we seem to be headed for an early spring.  Daffodils and Daylilies are already showing themselves even in the frozen tundra of Goshen, CT.  I can’t help but look forward to the warmer weather and going hiking in it.  I hope you all had a pleasant winter and are looking forward to spring as much as we are.

In this edition I will break from the norm of personal news and give you all a brief business update.  Since our start-up in 2006 we have seen major changes in the investment landscape across the globe.  We respond to those changes by modifying our investment analysis and implementation techniques.  In that spirit, we recently completed a new Portfolio analysis and management software system.  Working with a software developer we designed the system to work exclusively with our in-house developed portfolio techniques, resulting in a package that is proprietary to Barron Financial Group.  We believe this new system provides important new tools and capabilities often found only in much larger investment firms.  We believe this major upgrade will be good for our firm and our clients.

Last Quarter Round Up

Last quarter I put forth my thinking for 2016 that I did not see a driver for significantly up, or down, markets.  It certainly appeared I was far off in that assessment, considering that by the middle of February the S&P 500 index was down over 10.  Then the market turned around and finished the quarter up about 1.4.  Continue reading “Spring 2016 Market Quarterly”