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Market Quarterly

Our market-focused newsletter provides a brief review of the previous quarter and an outlook of the coming quarter’s portfolio management strategy.

Fall 2020 Market Quarterly

Hello Fall.  After an absolutely beautiful, hot and quite dry summer, we now find ourselves on the threshold of fall.  As pretty as fall is, I can’t seem to fight the mild depression of knowing winter is a short time away.  We’ll do some hiking and make the best of it.  I hope you all

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Spring 2020 Market Quarterly

Hello Spring!  Our winter here in CT started early with the first snow in November.  I remember being worried about what the rest of winter would bring.  But now it’s almost April and the winter turned out to be relatively mild, which we welcomed.  I hope all of you have weathered your own winter season

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Winter 2020 Market Quarterly

Goodbye Fall Given that here in CT we had our first snow cover in early November, I feel confident saying that we said goodbye to fall. Now the winter months lie ahead. But the calendar will say March before we know it and hopefully the warm-up will start shortly thereafter. I hope you all make

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Fall 2019 Market Quarterly

Goodbye Summer For me, the summer of 2019 was one of the better ones I can remember.  Plenty of hot, humid days and not too much rain.  We attended and hosted some great gatherings.  Fall is here and we’re just starting to see the temperature drops that remind us winter isn’t far off.  I hope

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Summer 2019 Market Quarterly

Welcome Summer! After a very rainy and cold spring here in CT, the weather has very much turned in favor of warmth and sunshine.  It’s been a very nice summer so far, though it’s hard to believe how quickly it is passing.  We are enjoying the summer while we can and not even thinking about

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