Barron Financial Group Market Quarterly

Our market-focused newsletter provides a brief review of the previous quarter and an outlook of the coming quarter’s portfolio management strategy.

Summer 2021 Market Quarterly

Welcome Summer – So far, this summer in the Northeast has brought some unusual weather.  We’ve had some abnormally cold nights in the 40’s, cool days in the 50’s, and some very hot days well into the 90’s.  Each week brings something different.  But for us, it’s still better than the cold winter.  We’ve not

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Spring 2021 Market Quarterly

Happy Spring!  After what seemed like a very long and cold winter, her in the Northeast all signs are pointing toward spring.  Not yet every day is warm and beautiful, but we’re getting at least some of those days.  It should only get better from here.  The deep snow over the winter got in the

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Winter 2020 Market Quarterly

Welcome Winter.  Here in the Northeast, the fall brought us generally comfortable temperatures, and the increasingly normal early snow.  I say welcome to winter because we can’t get to spring or summer until we get through winter.  No longer being skiers, Sandra and I just try to find a way to get through winter and

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Fall 2020 Market Quarterly

Hello Fall.  After an absolutely beautiful, hot and quite dry summer, we now find ourselves on the threshold of fall.  As pretty as fall is, I can’t seem to fight the mild depression of knowing winter is a short time away.  We’ll do some hiking and make the best of it.  I hope you all

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Spring 2020 Market Quarterly

Hello Spring!  Our winter here in CT started early with the first snow in November.  I remember being worried about what the rest of winter would bring.  But now it’s almost April and the winter turned out to be relatively mild, which we welcomed.  I hope all of you have weathered your own winter season

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