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Market Quarterly

Our market-focused newsletter provides a brief review of the previous quarter and an outlook of the coming quarter’s portfolio management strategy.

Spring 2019 Market Quarterly

Hurry Spring Judging by the calendar spring is officially here. But the CT weather so far hasn’t cooperated much. So, my request is simple…spring, please hurry-up! I’m sure the weather will turn and things will start to warm, but the dusting of snow on our lawn on April 3rd didn’t help my mood. Let’s hope

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Winter 2018 Market Quarterly

Is It Winter? According to the calendar winter came in December as always.  However, it has not been clearly defined by the CT weather, which has continued to be more fall-like with one early snow-storm in November, and lots of rain since.  Temperatures have generally been in the 30’s or 40’s.  It makes me nervous

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Fall 2018 Market Quarterly

Goodbye Summer The summer of 2018 here in CT had two versions. Version one through most of June had lots of sun and hot temperatures. The second version starting in late June was still very hot, but included a veritable flood of rain. All you can do is roll with it. I hope you all

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Summer 2018 Market Quarterly

Welcome Summer! After what was a long and stubborn CT winter, then a spring with very limited weather improvement, it seems summer is finally with us. So much so, that CT has already had an official heat wave in late June. All our surroundings here in Goshen are lush and green. I hope you all

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Spring 2018 Market Quarterly

Where is Spring? With only a couple of exceptions, spring 2018 has been quite cold here in CT. As I write this newsletter, I’m watching snow falling here in Goshen. Temperatures have consistently been in 30’s and low 40’s, which is a bit depressing. It was a long and snowy winter, so I admit to

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