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Portfolio Advisor

Using our portfolio advisor services, we work towards your investment goals together.

Investment advice on a Non-discretionary basis

When our Portfolio Management service is not the best fit, we offer our Portfolio Advisor Service.  We work hand-in-hand with clients to provide investment advice on a non-discretionary basis, meaning we don’t make investment changes without talking to the client first.  In this service, we help clients by recommending investments, or investment managers, and then monitor those investments or managers for process and performance.  These portfolios follow the tried and true investment methodology of diversified asset allocation.  We divide assets into a series of unique asset classes, and then automatically rebalance the investments over time.

portfolio asset allocation

Our theory regarding portfolio asset allocation is that an approach of diversified asset classes gives clients the best chance to benefit from up markets, while providing some buffering in down markets.  We strongly consider investment cost, management tenure and asset class correlation.  These portfolios focus more on rebalancing and less on valuation, the economic cycle and momentum.

As with Portfolio Management, our goal is to provide a high level of fiduciary care and expertise to help meet client investment goals.  And we are always available to discuss any comprehensive financial planning needs that may exist.

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