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Retirement Plan Services

Coordination, fiduciary guidance, and client resources are all part of our retirement plan services.

Retirement Plan Coordinator

Working for the plan sponsor (meaning the company that adopts the plan) we recommend investment options for the plan, provide fiduciary guidance, and act as a coordinator for the various moving parts these plans often exhibit.  We further act as an advisory resource for retirement plan participants.  We also provide quarterly reports showing how the plan investments are holding up, which helps shoulder the fiduciary responsibilities normally taken on by the plan sponsor.  Plans can include traditional 401k’s or 403b’s, SIMPLE Plans, or SEP IRA’s.  We can explain the differences and find the best fit for your situation.

Plan Oversight

Retirement plans have proven to be a great starting place in building trust and relationships with business owners and local employees.  Overseeing these plans has allowed us greater experience in working with corporate clients and their special or different needs from our typical individual client.  Participants have come to appreciate our low-stress style of communicating and explaining options for their consideration.  It is not uncommon that a plan participant engages us individually with their investments after we engage their personal needs.

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