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Financial Solutions for Executives & Professionals

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Financial Solutions for Executives & Professionals

Executives & Professionals

From C-level executives, to doctors, lawyers, or independent professionals, Barron Financial is committed to helping you reach your personal financial goals. Our signature investment service, Portfolio Management is ideal for a time-crunched professional seeking comprehensive, hands-on portfolio management services from an experienced investment professional.  For those seeking a less hands-on approach, we offer our Portfolio Advisor services providing investment advice on a non-discretionary basis. For those that are decision makers at a firm or business, we can offer Retirement Plan Services to help you put a plan in place that meets both your and your employee’s needs.

We understand the challenges, long-hours and time constraints that all professionals face on a daily basis. Our service includes flexible hours to make the process of meeting, and managing your investments, easier. Our personal financial review can also help to identify financial risks that may have been overlooked. We do our best to make sure your finances are as healthy as they can be.

Combining our investment management with our financial planning experience, we become your personal CFO aimed at helping you and your family reach your financial goals. From retirement planning to insurance reviews, to college funding considerations, we become a valuable resource in improving your financial well-being.

Client Case Study

After meeting through a local not-for-profit organization that we both support, a local attorney decided to connect with us to discuss his family’s needs.  At the time he was married and had two children in, or approaching, college age.  As an attorney, his schedule is such that he finds it difficult to focus on personal financial issues.

We discussed their lifestyle and the immediate and future goals he and his wife were considering.  We evaluated those goals and came up with short-term and long-term plans for how to best achieve those goals.  A good amount of budget analysis was required, along with a review of retirement plan contributions and tax burdens.  Along the way, we took over their investment portfolio, which we revised into two portfolios to better focus on the immediate vs. long-term needs.

Not all outcomes are guaranteed favorable.  Different circumstances and financial conditions will impact the outcome of your personal results.  Past performance does not guarantee future results.

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