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Financial Solutions for Individuals & Families

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Financial Solutions for Individuals & Families

Individuals & Families

Some clients wonder about retirement savings or financing college for their children.  Others seek advice on estate planning, business exit strategies or they just want someone to actively oversee their investment portfolio.  No matter the reason, each person comes with their own unique story and circumstances.  Barron Financial Group is pleased to offer our clients both investment management services as well as comprehensive financial planning.

Investment Management

We believe that the greatest reward to achieve as advisors is peace of mind for our clients. That when markets fluctuate or life events occur, clients know their portfolio has been strategically built to manage risk, engage opportunities, and follow their customized plan.

Our definition of Investment Management follows a few key verticals including, but not limited to:

  • Risk tolerance determination and modeling
  • Asset management strategies
  • Diversification
  • Structured rebalancing
  • Tax efficiency and strategy

Here at Barron Financial Group, we take our knowledge of financial markets and have formulated it into several proprietary strategies we use with our clients.  From capital preservation, index investing, tactical adjustments, and all the way to momentum investing; we believe we have a strategy that can meet your needs and grow with you over time.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Some of the most common questions we get from prospective clients is “When can I retire?”, “Do I pay off the house or invest?”, “How do I save for college for my child/grandchild?” or “Am I going to run out of money?”.  While complicated to answer immediately, a good and detailed discussion with your advisor can yield easily understandable – and actionable – results.

Barron Financial Group takes pride in our process of identifying the right questions to ask (and answer). We believe there are five key areas that clients can start to evaluate, and rank, to properly address immediate needs and plan for the future:

  • Retirement
  • Budget/Debt
  • Legacy Wishes
  • Risk Management/Insurance
  • Providing for Family/Others

Comprehensive financial planning can be one of the more complicated and intricate engagements you work with an advisor on.  That’s why several of the advisors at Barron Financial Group have made it a priority to become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional.  As the gold standard in the industry, CFP® professionals are well-versed in the latest planning strategies and regulatory changes and are always required to put your interests first.  To learn more about the CFP® certification, visit www.cfp.net.

Financial Planning Case Studies

Individual Case Study

In mid-2018 a local attorney Barron Financial Group has worked closely with connected us to a woman who had lost her husband a few years earlier in an accident and had been in litigation for several years.  A settlement was reached and ultimately, she was granted a sum of money beyond her financial capability and comfort level to manage.  Rightfully skeptical and cautious of who she was working with, our advisors took every opportunity to get to know her goals and greatest concerns with the future of her finances. The end result of these efforts was that she became an investment management client, with us overseeing all of her investable assets.  She has also asked us to offer advice in numerous personal financial exercises and asked us to coach her in managing her overall budget.

Family Case Study

One of our advisor’s first clients was actually a long-time family friend.  This client had been with a previous advisor for many years but always felt unsure about what his motivations were, and it was unclear how/why they were investing the way they were.  After a consultation with a BFG advisor, she realized the need to move her assets away as well as to start addressing some financial planning issues.  After several months of working alongside her, her husband began to ask questions about his work accounts and their retirement plans.  This eventually turned into a full-blown family engagement where we manage assets for both adults, done both retirement and budget planning, and provided education, and opened accounts for both of their children.

Not all outcomes are guaranteed favorable.  Different circumstances and financial conditions will impact the outcome of your personal results.  Past performance does not guarantee future results.

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