Portfolio Advisory

Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Management is the signature investment service offered by Barron Financial Group.  This service is ideal for clients seeking a hands-on portfolio management service from an experienced investment professional.

Our theory regarding portfolio asset allocation varies based on a client’s selected investment strategy.  The three main themes of these strategies are price valuation, economic cyclicality, and momentum.  With price valuation, we seek to over-weight investments we feel have an attractive valuation and conversely, underweight those with a less attractive valuation.  The economic cycle plays an important role in our allocation process as we interpret the cycle, evaluate where we currently are, and where we expect to go.  Momentum is important because markets can move well beyond normal valuation limits.  These aren’t purely numbers-based decisions as geopolitical considerations can be very influential in our decision-making.

Barron Financial has developed our own proprietary investment strategies (Capital Preservation, Strategic Allocation, Tactical Allocation, and Active Asset Allocation (AAA)).  With this we have developed our own portfolio modeling and management software.  This platform allows us to manage and adjust investments as market conditions or client needs change. We also add-in, or change, investment strategies as they are developed or needs change.